International Immersion Program

Experiment Immersion Camp at ESC.

Discovering a new way of learning

Imagine being immersed in the heart of an exotic destination, surrounded by your classmates and mentors, ready to tackle exciting challenges and explore new perspectives. That’s exactly what the International Immersion Program offers.

Two weeks, one destination.

Transport & Accomodation are included.

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Cultural Immersion

Experience diverse cultures, broaden horizons, and develop global skills.

Impactful projects

Tackle real-world challenges, make a difference, and gain practical experience.

Skill enhancement

Develop leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities in new environments.

Professional networking

Build connections, explore career opportunities, and collaborate internationally.

Unforgettable experience

Step out of comfort zones, create lasting memories, and grow personally.

Personal growth

Discover oneself, embrace new perspectives, and become more adaptable.

2021 - Split, Croatia

  • Project:
    • Deploying Cloud Automation Platform
  • Location:
    • Split, Croatia
  • Duration:
    • 12 days

2022 - Spain

  • Project:
    • Developping UI/UX and Mobile Application for a Biotechnology company.
  • Location:
    • Bellver de Cerdanya, Spain
  • Duration:
    • 12 days

2023 - Krakow, Poland

  • Project:
    • Data Visualization Dashboard creation.
    • Pentesting Web Security for local entities.
    • Improving web platform for NGO.
  • Location:
    • Krakow, Poland
  • Duration:
    • 12 days